Monday, June 20, 2016


What news!!! I'm so excited, like soooooo excited, for Camron and Tori. Camron had told me a few weeks ago that he bought a ring so I've been waiting for this email, but had thought maybe I'd be home to see it happen. What a cute way to propose and I'm and content to be present for the wedding. It going to be a par...ty. Now I'm going to have two new sibling when I get home' Joe and Tori, and that's going to be fun. 

As for the work everything has been great. We had a good week and have been finding new investigators and working hard. I feel so great here in Olimpo, it's like my home. I know everyone super well and see people in the street all the time from my old sector. We've been teaching a few prepared people, who have been progressing well. Elena and her family are really great. She's a middle-aged, single mom who provides for her family and is super nice. In Chile sometimes it might be hard to get into a house, but something that I don't think I've explained very well is what great manners the Chileans have. When we go to Elena's house she makes us food and gives us soda, and it's just amazing. A lot of the people are like that. Anyways she wants to get baptized but has been really sick the last few weeks and hasn't been able to go to church, but we praying and expecting that she will go this weekend. Apart from her we've been working with a lot of young people. The youth are the best investigators a lot of times because they understand and are searching for a better future, like Daniel he's a great example. 

Something crazy that happened with Scarlet is that she now is living with a family of members on the weekends. Her family situation is a little rough and for various reasons she doesn't like to stay at home on the weekends. The Delgado Family offered her a place, and now she's safe and happy. It was a true example to me of Christ like love as this family opened their doors and pretty much adopted her. 

Well, life is real. I've been pretty nervous because Nick is going back. That weird twin thing is happening, I think. I can't believe that tomorrow he heads home. Trying to stay focused, but it's hard. Anyways, GO, CHILE VAMOS A GANAR LA COPA DE NUEVO! 

Elder Walker