Monday, May 25, 2015

Cold and Sick


It's starting to get really cold here, and I'm kinda dying to be honest. I hate the cold, and I loved it when it was hot here. But this is how it's going to be for the next 5 months so that's cool. Haha. 

But yeah I don't have much to say either. I'm still here with my comp and honestly we don't have very many investigators worth talking about. Nobody went to church this last week probobly cuz it was freezing cold, but hey animo right. No the worst part has just been being sick, and once I feel a little bit better I'll be fine because working when your sick sucks. I already feel a little better, so that's good. My comps doing well, and I'm excited to be with Elder Moesinger for another change. 

The best part about this ward are the people, and I just love them so much. I'll be having a bad day and they just remind my why I'm here, and I just want so badly to help them. Anyways mom don't have anymore time to write, sorry. I spent it all doing mission stuff. Love you and I'll write a better email next week.


Elder Walker

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ups and Downs

So this week was full of ups and downs. The best parts, however, had to be and those that I'm going to talk about were talking with my family on Monday and going to the temple with a recent convert. 

Of course talking with my family was going to be pretty awesome, and wow there was a lot to talk about this time. Last time we talked I had just recently left and there weren't so many new things happening. This time I heard about crazy stuff with new technology, playoff games, Nascar races, weddings, classmates going crazy, and Clayton's hair? I don't know why, but I was surprised to find out the the world is still spinning over there. There were two things that stood out to me in the call of all the things that my family members said. One was something that my dad said when we started talking about different things he reminded me to stay focussed. The second thing was my sister talking about how obedient I was as a missionary. These two things really inspired me and made me think. Amidst the craziness of the 1 out of 2 hours that I get to talk to my family during the year, they were worried and reminded my about my sacred duty that the Savior has given to me. 

The other awesome thing that happened this week was going to the temple with Daniela. It was amazing, and she is so strong in the church and it's just so great to see the gospel changes someone's life. Literally just a miracle. We were able to go with her to do baptisms for the dead, and it made me think of my little sister doing the same thing a few thousand miles away. 

Anyways love you guys,

Elder Walker

PS. Sean's hairs is still as crazy as ever...way better than Clays but what can you do? Ty, wait Ty is a teenager?????Nooo! Wow, thats so crazy! Bret just a baller, and it was so nice to hear his manly voice for a few seconds.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Talk to You Today!

Dear family,

I'm so sorry for the call failure yesterday!! I feel so bad for my comps mom :( 

So the new plan is that I'm going to talk to you at 4:00 my time. I'll see you later!


Elder Walker

PS Just so you are not shocked, I went to get my hair cut on Saturday. I explained that I like a #3 on the sides and then blended up and a little longer on top. Then he proceeded to snap on the #3 and started right on the top of my head!!!! After that, there was nothing he could do, but just shave off all my hair. So don't be shocked when you see me, Mom. And Chloe, I can't wait for you to cut my hair again.

This is a big happy communist party banner thanking all the mothers in the world. Mom this ones for you.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Until Next Week


First of all, I'm going to call you Sunday at 7 my time so after or before I could talk with Nick. I just need to figure out if I have permission. I forgot to ask, but I'm going to be in touch with my leaders this week. 

Wow, the bathroom looks crazy awesome!! Sorry, I wasted all my time downloading stuff from, but I've got time for one story. We have this investigator whose name is Hector. So Hector is just some guy that saw us in the street and started speaking English, really good English and told us to go to his house. Later that week we went to his house and started talking to him. He said that he lived in the US for 14 years. We get talking about our lives, and before we taught him, I asked him about his family. He told me that he has one kid who lives in Germany, one that lives in the US, and one Chilean daughter. We were pretty surprised he has three kids in three different continents. So then he asked where we were from, so my comp told him he's from Utah, and he said wow it's beautiful there and the mountains are just gorgeous. Then I tell him I'm from Vegas, and he stopped and looked at us and said, "I got married in Vegas!!!" I just died so hard laughing. hahaha.

Anyways other than that we had an awesome meeting with the stake leaders and with the mission president focussing on working on unity!! It was amazing and or ward is just the best! I love these people so much!! Anyways talk to you guys 7 my time this Sunday. I'm super excited!

Elder Walker