Monday, July 6, 2015

Working, Working

Hello all,

A little more about my new area: right now I’m in the zone of Olimpo in a ward called Las Naciones. We have a pretty big chapel, but our ward is pretty small. There were about 60 people at church on Sunday, which is pretty low, but I like the ward. The people here are a lot more loving towards the missionaries, which is awesome and ready to help us if we need it. The bishop is new and only has about a month, and he’s really excited about missionary work. I love the ward, the people are nice, and the food is good. haha.

My companion is Elder McDermott, and he is an incredible missionary, and wow does he like to work! It is so awesome, a huge blessing, to have a companion that likes to work so hard. I like to work, but he really likes to work! He just loves being a missionary, and has a really strong testimony. His energy is contagious. (Think Pam Honey. Haha) I love his energy. Anyways I want to change few things this transfer (six weeks), but mainly I want to increase my enthusiasm. I don’t think of myself as being discouraged a lot, but what I lack is a sense of energy. Sometimes I’m just too content with being quiet, and that’s just not enough for me. As I have evaluated myself as a missionary, I feel like the Lord is asking more from me. I want to have more energy, and walk into every room with more energy and life. I’m trying to just smile more, and to be aware of the joy in my life so that it is a really genuine smile. If I want to teach the plan of happiness, I have to at least look happy or nobody’s going to want to hear it. I will never have the enthusiasm of Elder McDermott or Sister Honey, but I can learn from them and be more excited about this wonderful message that I have to share. 

My sector is good, but I feel like were going to have to do some finding more than anything to find the chosen people that are waiting for this message. I feel like everything I learned in my least sector was help me where I am now. I’m so excited; however, I just want to work!!

On another less important note, Chile won the American Cup. They beat Peru (sorry Camron and Nick) in the semi-finals. Then, they beat Argentina (sorry Chloe) in the finals. In all humility, Camron, Chloe, and Nick, I’d like to apologize for Chile kickin’ your trash! Wow! You’ve never seen a prouder people. They’re just so happy here in Chile. On Saturday night after the game, the whole country was going crazy for the whole night, just screaming like crazy. It was so loud! It's something I’m never going to forget. 

Love you guys,

Elder Walker