Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Keeping the Streak Alive

As you already found out from the picture Gonzalo emailed to you, I'm with another Gringo comp. Keeping the all gringo companions streak alive!! Haha. Elder Ewell is super great and just happens to be another companion from St. George, Utah, and went to the same school as my last comp. He's super big and spent most of highschool in the gym. This change I've decided to gain a little muscle so watch out guys I'm going to be coming back with a beach body...if i can stop eating all this delicious bread. Elder Ewell is a great missionary, and I love being with him. We get along great and can already tell that were going to have great change together.

So the exciting news this week is that we found some pretty special people. A family whose daughter married a Returned Missionary named Gonzalo (He emailed you). He's a great guy with a huge testimony, but his wife and her family aren't members of the church. It was a miracle because we just happend to knock on their door when Gonzalo was there, and we set up a time to go back and to teach them with him. It really is the kind of miracle I didn't think would happen to me. Now they want to get baptized. Were going to teach them this Thursday so please pray for us. The parents are named Patricia and Juan. So if you go to the temple or have some time please pray for them. 

Right now everything's just groovy as Dad would say. Thanks so much for the emails. Love you guys,

Elder Walker