Monday, January 12, 2015

Staying in La Islita


Well, this last week was pretty trunky. I spent most of my time in the office and listening to talks about marriage and travel home. Elder Molina was great though, and I learned a lot from him. I was a little sad though because a few weeks ago he got an email from his friends about his girlfriend who he’s been with for 4 years, and with 2 weeks left in his mission he found some stuff out and broke up with her. I could kind of tell he was a little off, and when we got to the pension he was looking for and taking out pictures. Then, he told me what happened and said, "It doesn’t bother me, pero si me molesta.” I felt kind of bad and found him out on our porch trying to burn the photos of her with matches, which was kinda pathetic. He obviously did how the kind of pyrotechnic training thay I've received from years of campouts with my boys Chad, Matt and Braize! So I decided to help him out by grabbing my Axe can and a lighter and torched them for him! I think he felt better! Haha. No worries, Mom, we were outside.  

That was last week, and now it’s this week and I got a new comp, and I’m staying in La Islita. Elder Nash is from New York and obviously with changes everyone’s a little anxious and nervous for what’s going to happen, but when I saw my district and comp I felt really good. I’m really optimistic for this change and all the work that Elder Nash and I are going to do here. I’m a little sad to have another English speaker but I know that I have to just be patient, but I know that God has things that He wants me to learn that are more important than Spanish and am super excited to work here.

Tough loss for the Broncos! That’s the kind of depressing news that I don’t miss. I
love you Mom. See you next week when I'm 19!


Elder Walker