Monday, June 29, 2015

Chile vs. Peru


So tonight Peru squares off verses Chile in the American Cup, which is going to be crazy, because sometimes the Chileans are not so nice to the Peruvians. We have to go in early, but I thought it was funny because of Nick in Peru and all. This week was pretty amazing a pretty crazy. All of changes this week reminded me how fast everything can change in the mission. On Saturday night the call came, and to my surprise I had changes!! More than that the whole ward that I was in got whited washed (transferred in all new missionaries). They sent my to Olympo with Elder McDermott from St. George, Utah. My streak of all gringo companions remains!! This change I’m going to complete a year in the mission, which is crazy. 

I’m so excited to work in a new zone and have a new comp, changes happen so quick and fast but at the same time give new hope. My comp has about 6 months in the mission and seems awesome with a bunch of energy and enthusiasm. First thing he told me is that he is ready to work, which is going to be awesome. 

At the same time, it’s still hard. I worked for almost 5 months in Lo Errazuriz, and it was far from easy, but in the end we did some good.  We left with several investigators with baptismal dates. The ward was also more excited about missionary work. However, It has definitely been a humbling experience for me to have these changes. We planted a bunch of seeds, but will not reap them. We worked soo hard (I mean really hard), and we finally had our first success with a family and others committed to baptism, and we were transferred. That’s hard.... Thank you so much for the prayers, that family is amazing. Don’t stop. They went to church and loved it and are planning to get baptized soon. There’s a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that says that the power of God is His honor (D&C 29:36.) That’s what Lucifer wanted to do: steal the power of God and give himself the honor. I learned an important lesson about humility and how we as missionaries and as people must look to honor God to receive his power. This is HIS work and HIS glory not of Elder so, and so I want the people here to remember that I was a representative of Christ, I want then to remember the love and Spirit that they felt...before they remember my name. 

Just pray for my family that their hears will be ready and that the ward and new missionaries will take good care of them.

I met Elder Lopez! It was pretty crazy.   I went on divisions because my District Leader got sick and they had a really important lesson. So I went over to his sector and they just so happened to have a member missionary for that lesson and the member was Elder Lopez (Nick’s old companion), and it was so sick to meet someone who knows my brother! I got to teach with him and everything! I'm glad I got to meet him before the transfer. That is a blessing.

Love you guys so much!! Working with all my heart and soul.


Elder Walker
Me with Nick's old companion, Elder Lopez

Monday, June 22, 2015

Great Week!


So I just got done reading everybody’s letters, and I’m so grateful to have to many people that I love and love me. However, it makes it kind of hard in moments like this, hearing about Braize and Chris coming home (soon Kaleb, Tanner, Chad, Nate, Joe will be home) without feeling a bit nostalgic. Farewells, homecomings, and wedding all have me a little homesick. Think of how I’d be if Camron or Chloe got married. I miss everyone so much, but life goes on and my week of working will soon begin. 

This week was quite special. The first accomplishment, and perhaps the most important, happened Friday night. Chile was playing again, so we had to go home early and we called to order a pizza to pick up. (Like I’ve mentioned before we’re well esteemed clients). So we showed up and the owner gave us 500 pesos off on the pizza. It was a pretty special moment. Haha.

No, really the most awesome thing that happened is we found a really great family this last week! They’re the familia Cortes, and wow are they great! We taught them 2 times last week, but in the second lesson we showed up and they had read everything. Even better, they understood it, and wanted to hear more. Anyways they’re super special, and I’m honestly expecting a miracle with them. We really need the prayers of everyone. Other than that we’ve been teaching Fernando a young kid from Peru. He’s great and has gone to church 3 times already, but doesn’t have any real support from his family. We’re doing our best to help integrate him in the ward so he can get baptized, but more than that so he can stay in the church after. He’s awesome though. One thing is clear; however, it’s the divine assistance that’s they key for these people that we teach. This is God’s work and I just want to be his instrument. I KNOW I can do nothing with out divine assistance. 

Today was pretty awesome we went to some hill overlooking Santiago. Now that doesn’t make it sound so cool, but ill send some pictures because it was pretty breathtaking.

Love ya'll,

Elder Walker

PS. This is my comps and my last week together so we bought matching sweaters. Haha. I don't think I'm getting transferred, but just in case we took a lot of pictures this week :)

Monday, June 15, 2015

¡Vamos Chile!


So this week has been especially great week. We had a fair level of success and there seems to be some progression in the work. There were a ton of those moments when the timing was just so perfect that you know the Lord was there helping. This last week Chile started playing in the American Cup which is a South American tournament that’s just huge down here and to add to the excitement this year, it’s happing in Chile. 

So the Chilean pride is at a all time high. ¡Vamos CHILE! There are a few things I’ve learned in the mission that are just sacred to the Chilean people: lunch and soccer. You can’t contact, talk to, nor annoy in any way a Chilean while they’re eating lunch. Along side lunch, there’s soccer, for which these people go crazy, and everyone old to young love it.

On a more spiritual note, this week was amazing. I read something very moving in Mormon 5:16-18 where Mormon looks upon the sad remnant of a destroyed nation and talks of how such destruction came to pass. I feel like these verses are really applicable in our lives because like Katy Perry said and Nate Hafen so well quoted, “I stood for nothing so I fell for everything.” That’s how it is in this world and in the mission. We also had ward conference, and wow was it amazing! So many people showed up, it was a miracle. The theme for this year is “Let Me Raise My Personal Commitment to the Savior”. Which sounds a little better in Spanish. The ward is really excited and animated for this year, and I really just love these people. I may not have found very many people to baptise here, well maybe not even one, but I have felt the love of Christ and learned valuable lessons. 

Love you all so much. Chile’s playing in a few hours, so we have to go home early. Todays like a Mega P day!!!!


Elder Walker

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mission Life


So this week can and went. I’m working hard with Elder Moesinger. The first thing I want to say is that I’m super excited for Sam! Phillipines! That sound like a pretty crazy mission. This week we had a lot of capacitation for all missionaries, and spent a full morning with president and the assistants, and another morning with the zone leaders. It’s great to hear from all the missionaries, and get new ideas and revelation for my sector. 

Two things of note that happened this last week.  First my companion, Elder Moesinger, and I went to a pizza place that we always go to in the evenings when we want pizza. And the other day we went there and the pizza guy, Senor Carro, started talking to us (we’re pretty good customers), and he told us how much he loves music. Then he pulled out this fat accordion and started playing it. He was super good, and he told us he had studied for a few years in a college. Then, Senor Carro gave the accordion to my comp to play it, and he had no idea what to do. So in classic Mormon style, he started playing “We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet.” Haha. It was awesome.

Second we’ve been teaching this family here, and I love them so much. They’re the family Riquelme Perez, and we’re helping them. Thier son’s on a mission, and they’re just great.

Love you all so much,

Elder Walker
Familia Riquelme Perez

Monday, June 1, 2015

Good Week


So I’m doing really well right now siting in a cyber in Santiago because I’m on divisions because my comp had to go do his visa stuff, so I’m with Elder Clegg, one of my good friends in the mission, who’s from my CCM group. This week we had Stake Conference, so that was pretty great, but it was hard to get people to go to the stake center. 

The funniest thing that happened probably was this morning. We went to go eat in a food court in this mini mall (because we can’t enter the mall malls.)We were eating some completos (hot dogs Chilean style) when we saw this guy come up and rob one of those little rides that they have at the store. Nobody did anything, and my comp and I just laughed. After that I bought some ties—I’m preparing a Christmas package for Nick—it’s going to be sick.

This week I realized something really important: the most important thing in the mission is to recognize gain and maintain the spirit. Yeas, seems kind of obvious, but it’s harder than it sounds. I want to become good at that, and to feel and see the spirit work in my life. I’m going to start keeping a spiritual record of the impressions that I have in order to better develop the ability to see the spirit in my life. Love you guys so much. I’m working hard.


Elder Walker