Monday, October 27, 2014

Keep Swimming


First, I’ve been really working on becoming a better teacher. I'm starting to talk a little bit more even though my Spanish stinks. (I’m not being humble. I know my accent is terrible!) I think Nick’s is way better honestly. I don't know what to do, so I just keep chugging. Maybe Nick’s better because he’s in Peru, and they talk slower there. Chilan Spanish is so hard. For example, this past week I heard something funny it’s a good example of what I’m dealing with. So this little girl was in the street and her mom yelled at her what I heard as, “Soy pasada.” I had to ask my companion because it didn't make any sense to say, Soy Pasada, but what it means is Sois Pasada but they cut of the S’s off of everything. 

Yeah, we’re still teaching Jose, and he’s pretty interesting and really good at soccer. I think he was trying to go pro before he hurt his leg. Last week we taught him, and he showed us his marijuana plants. It was so funny because he has three just because. He doesn’t use them or sell them. He has a fecha for the 8th of November. 

Keep Swimming, right?

Elder Walker

Monday, October 20, 2014

Staying in Islita

Dear everyone,

 Well the past week was slow with lessons but a lot happened. First of all, we had a baptism—my first! Valentina was baptized! She has a lot of family in the church, and it was really amazing to be a part of her conversion. Elder Brophy and I set her fecha together during a division, which is also really awesome because we’re both Greenies. At the baptism service there were a ton of people and in total 12 baptisms. Super exciting stuff. 

Other than that I found out that a Hermana in my zone is like professional singer, which makes senses because she's amazing. Her name’s Hermana Tolk (McKenzie) and she has stuff on iTunes so you should look her up. Ummm, other than that I saw a dog getting eaten by other dogs when I was on splits, which was awful. And a cat broke into our apartment, which was also awful. 

We had the reunion de cambios (transfers), and it was legit to be there with the whole mission. I get to stay in my area with Elder Brown, which is awesome. Yep everything’s good, but I still don’t talk enough and am lacking with confidence. I need to do more. I think part of the problem was before I could rely on my own abilities, but now I don’t have anything—I can’t talk. All I can do is rely on the Lord, and my faith isn't good enough yet. I’m trying to do more. Have to go.


Elder Walker 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Awesome Week

Dear everyone,

So this past week was awesome. We had a zone conference and had some really good lessons. At zone conference I was really scared because I didn't know that we always supposed to bring a talk about Conference. So I got there and President Barreiros just started calling off numbers randomly, and my companion leaned over and said, “Yeah, you should probably get something ready.” Luckily, I didn't have to speak!

We had a lot of success this last week and spent a lot of our time with less active members. We teach a lot about having you own testimony really just trying to help the members overcome their discouragement. Besides that were teaching an italian family (they speak Spanish of course) and they’re really awesome. The mom is inactive and the daughters aren’t members, but there are coming to church and we set a baptism date with them this past week.

So yeah we’re still riding our bikes, and wow is my comp ridiculously fast. Sometimes we go really far away from where members are and things can get tricky with bathrooms. haha. My comp is awesome though. Elder Brown is 20, and he is really smart. He is on a scholarship to BYU. He comes from a family of 14 people, which makes him one of 12 children ranging from about 34 to 12! Ya, he’s cool.

Gotta run. Love you all!

Tengan un bien dia, 

Elder Walker 
This is a picture of an activity that we had last week, a Noche de Postres (desserts). It was super fun and really good for the members. Elder Brown and I won best texture or something like that for our dessert. Haha.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference is Amazing


Conference is amazing and it’s honestly the only time that the missionaries get a break! All the gringos were able to go to a room and watch it in English. It felt like Christmas, and there was something special about watching it with the missionaries. I thought it was awesome that talks were given in different languages. I especially liked the talk about taking responsibility by Elder Jorg Klebingat, Elder Holland on the poor, and the talk by Elder Uchtdorf in the priesthood session. They made me really think about my own efforts and made me want to do more. I love the question, “Lord is it I?” I think it’s something I need to ask myself more, especially in places where maybe I feel a little prideful. There was a lot about personal revelation, which I love because it’s what I teach every day. I also liked the part about how Spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers. Finally, I loved Elder Bednar’s talk to those who are not members of the church. Besides Conference, we are enjoyed a lot of success this week and my Spanish is definitely better. I don’t think I’ll be able to say that I have Spanish until my birthday, but that’s all right. The work is sweet!

Elder Walker
Made my first Chilean food.