Thursday, July 31, 2014

Proof of Life


I have very little time. Sorry I didn't email sooner. I'm staying at a house off the MTC grounds, and right when I got there about 10 am, all the elders were in a bus ready for their first day. Since I arrived a day late because of my canceled flight, I just got out of the car dropped my stuff in the house, hopped on the bus and went to the CCM. Anyways, I haven't got any sleep in it feels like for days. I'll just say that things have been crazy, and I have no idea what anyone is saying. I have been doing stuff all day and can't wait to sleep. I stink at Spanish and can't comprehend anything. I haven't even opened my bags yet so I'll have to send you pictues next week. Because I arrived a day late,  I just missed the day for unpacking, resting, and orientation. Right now I need sleep. I got to go bye. 

Elder Marcus Walker