Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Another Week in the CMM.


This past week has been really hard but rewarding. I’m starting to learn more and understand the language a little bit. My companion is awesome!! Elder Brush is from Heber City, and he his super funny. We joke around a lot and keep the work fun. He also has a huge testimony, and I feel the Spirit so strong when we talk about the Gospel and our reason for serving. Thank you so much Mom and Marilynn for helping me pack. That’s one area where I have been super prepared. Everyone in my room (Elders Williams, Prisbree and Brush) loves the stereo/speaker and Mp3 player. Anyways, my hair was really long so on Friday or something one of the Elders came over to our room and cut my hair. It looks really nice, and he’s been doing it for 4 weeks so he’s pretty much a pro. Haha.

Alcántara, the house that we live in, is really nice. It used to be a Swiss Embassy so it’s really big with a pool house and stuff. (Of course we don’t use the pool. Haha.) We have a counselor to the CCM mission president and his wife, the Jacobsons, living with us.  They are nice and make us goodies sometimes. 

Last week for P day we got to walk around the city. In Santiago things are super nice, and they have huge malls with tons of shops. Talking to native people is really hard. The Chilean accent makes all the words sound so similar, and I can only pick out a few phrases. I’m learning though and dealing with my stress. I’ve only been here for 2 weeks so I just have to trust in God. That’s why we have weakness and trials so that we can trust him and so that he can bless us. I don’t have any cool stories; we just sit inside and learn all day. Although, yesterday was pretty cool because a group of missionaries were leaving, and we had P day so everyone was just super happy. That’s all I have.


Elder Walker