Monday, October 27, 2014

Keep Swimming


First, I’ve been really working on becoming a better teacher. I'm starting to talk a little bit more even though my Spanish stinks. (I’m not being humble. I know my accent is terrible!) I think Nick’s is way better honestly. I don't know what to do, so I just keep chugging. Maybe Nick’s better because he’s in Peru, and they talk slower there. Chilan Spanish is so hard. For example, this past week I heard something funny it’s a good example of what I’m dealing with. So this little girl was in the street and her mom yelled at her what I heard as, “Soy pasada.” I had to ask my companion because it didn't make any sense to say, Soy Pasada, but what it means is Sois Pasada but they cut of the S’s off of everything. 

Yeah, we’re still teaching Jose, and he’s pretty interesting and really good at soccer. I think he was trying to go pro before he hurt his leg. Last week we taught him, and he showed us his marijuana plants. It was so funny because he has three just because. He doesn’t use them or sell them. He has a fecha for the 8th of November. 

Keep Swimming, right?

Elder Walker