Monday, December 29, 2014

Sweet Christmas

Elder Marcus Walker 

So I talked to the fam on Christmas Day and it was something else, I don't know how describe it. I only cried for the last ten minutes. haha. The things that surprised me most were Clay's height, Chloe's boyfriend (yes, I'm calling him that--enough of that wishy washy stuff), and Camron's hair (Chloe please fix that!) It was all kinda too much, and I got pretty sick after. Fever of 102. 

So that's where I'm at now--a little home sick and really sick. haha. I talked to Nicholas on Christmas Eve and we talked about our sectors and our comps and the fact that our family was all at Gradma’s house right then. That’s just about it. Then, at the end he asked me how many times I have gotten sick and I said none. He said that he threw up four times the night before and that the Chileans must actually clean their food. And ironically, I woke up the next day a little sick. Now I have a pretty high fever and a bad cough and cold. I’ve been taking my medicine. I’ll be fine.

I’m ready for a new week. Well, Christmas is over and now its time for a Happy New year. However, last week was amazing. I talked with Nicholas, the family, got sick, and had the baptism of Aranza, and it ended with her confirmation on Sunday. 

As for your questions regarding Christmas traditions here. So everyone one Christmas Eve here has a huge dinner, which is a little different for them because they never really eat diner here, so we ate a big dinner at the Gonzolas´s house. I had the best dessert that I’ve ever had on my mission. And then I’ve heard of people opening their gifts on Christmas Eve or in the morning Christmas Day, so they do both like us. Another funny thing is they call Santa Claus, viejito pasqúero, which means little old christmas man. Actually, Christmas it was sweet. We actually got a lot of gifts from the members and celebrated a lot of the holiday with them.


E Walker