Monday, July 13, 2015

Good, Better, Best


So my week was actually pretty great...Let’s just start with the good parts, and then I’ll move onto the better parts and finish with the best parts of my week. haha. 

My new area is really good. I’ve been super content with my sector for a lot of reasons. Like I have previously mentioned, I love the ward. The people just are genuinely happy to see the missionaries here, which is amazing. It’s good to be loved. The second great thing about my sector is the house that we live in. We live in a very nice house and my companion and I are pretty neat, which is a relief, and combine that with hot water and a nice bathroom and I’m pretty happy. I was so sad to leave my last area, but I realize now how much I needed just a little break because that area was really hard for me even though I loved it. My new area a relief; it is great! I now have the energy to work even harder.

Better than all of that is how great the contacting was this week. We’ve been able to find a several very humble people and have high hope for them. We have found and taught many people. The goals and vision of the mission has changed because President has been less than pleased with the success that we’ve achieved these last few weeks. The focus is now more on quality of lesson and bringing investigators to church. My comp and I are working diligently to reach the new goals estalished by President B. but we have a lot of new investigators and this week should be good for them to attend. 

The best part of my week was the rain. Haha. It rained for about 2 days straight. Saturday and Sunday, which hurt our church attendance, but that’s okay. We got soaking wet, but I wouldn’t consider myself a real missionary if I had never proselyted in the rain.  It was a good growing experience and a right of passage as a missionary. Chile has been in a huge drought, so it was also really good for the dirty Santiago air. One day my comp and I were trying to cross the street, but the gutter was more like a river so we had to walk a long way down the street to cross. As we were walking a car drove by and kicked up a wave of water drenching us from head to toe just like you’ve seen in a movie. It was so funny! We just started laughing because it was so ridiculous. I wish I had a video of it. Haha.

So proud to be part of this family. I love you all!

Elder Walker