Monday, July 20, 2015

Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?


Well, this week came and went quickly, but I´m super happy to be here on the mission. The experience this week reminded me of the special opportunity that we have as missionaries to be her in HIS work. Elder McDermott and I are working hard, but to be honest really hard, and I love this work. 

On Friday morning Elder McDermott, and I were contacting in the morning. That’s one thing about the mission here: we’re pretty basic. There are no IPads or special ideas, just hard work. If there’s nothing to do, have faith, be happy, and knock doors. At this point there’s nothing that anyone can say that offends me, so it’s almost fun to contact. Anyways, we were contacting and we knock on this door and a man walked out and said right away to come in. So we walked in, and he is honestly one of the coolest guys ever. We started talking about religion and his family and then he said to us, “ Hey, let me play you a song.” So he pulled out this guitar and started playing some really complex song; it was insane. While I was siting there, I just though ONLY in the mission can you knock on some random person’s door, walk in and have them play a song on the guitar for you. I loved it! He also boxes. Anyways we invited him to church, and he came with his girlfriend this past Sunday! It was a milagro. 

We’ve found a ton of people to teach in our sector. In total this change, or in the first 3 weeks of the transfer, we’ve found 26 new investigators, which is a ton. The best part is that a few are families that have a lot of potential. Thanks so much for all the prayers. They are working! This has been an awesome change so far. I love it. Looking forward to this next week of hard work, but more blessings. Winter is here so the people are a little reluctant; they don’t want to leave their houses in the cold mornings to come to church. We need even more faith to help them overcome these challenges because it’s hard sometime. Like is says in Genesis 18:14 “Is anything too hard for the Lord?" NO!

Love you all, 

Elder Walker