Tuesday, August 11, 2015


So this last week was pretty exciting with a lot of changes. First of all I still dont know about the transfers because President moved the changes to Wednessday instead of Monday, and as you know, Pday is now on Tuesday, weekly planing in now on Monday, which is a normal day. Having said that, I am still with Elder McDormett and will know of changes and who my comp is tomorrow morning, so well see if I have another gringo. 

In terms of the sector everything is going really well. We have a few really great investigators, Juan Pablo, Carlos, and Anthony. They're really great, and I have learned a lot form teaching them.  With Juan Pablo, he's probably one of the coolest investigators I've had. He bought us Dunkin Donuts and Popeyes the other day, just because. He's huge like a body builder dude, and he know his Bible. I love him, but have had to study up on my doctrine to be able to teach him. It's really humbled me, and I have learned that the Book of Mormon and the Spirit are the only really persuaders, my words dont really do much. Revelation and the Spirit are way more powerful tools than years of study. I'm learning a lot with him. 

Other than that things are chill. I know that zone meeting I described sounded kind of harsh, but I love my mission president, he's a baller. I didn't really minds the activitly the other day, and I just want to work hard in my sector. Thanks for the letter. Talk to you next week, I'm excited for the changes. 


Elder Walker