Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One Year!

So this last week we had a pretty edifying Zone Conference. President taught us a lot of things and gave us a few presents as well from the mission. We got an awesome new notebook from the mission and other things that to be honest are awesome and everyone was really excited but on email it doesn't have the same effect. Guess its just a mission thing. Another funny thing is that President has given us some rules with respect to our companions we cant hug for too long or call them “my companion” in lessons because people think were gay…

We also had an interesting activity where we all stood up and gave a report on our sectores in front of President and the assistants and 2 zones. It was pretty intense to be honest. The assistants asked each of us about our baptismal dates and new investigators then I stood up with Elder McDermott and said with my head held high that we didn't have any baptismal dates nor any baptism this month. Considering the circumstances I was a little upset but confident because I tried my hardest God knew it and I knew it and nothing else really matters. I can always do more and pray that God will show me what more i should be doing. Other than that this is the last week of the change and next week my Elder McDermott will probably be leaving because this is his first sector and has been here for 7 months. I’m happy here and looking forward to the changes, excited who my new comp will be I’m going for 8 gringo comps right now but well see what happens. 

In terms of other events during the week I’ve got nothing. We pretty much contacted. Actually on Saturday when I completed a year we decided to contact like the whole day. We wanted to contact 100 people in one day. In the end we only contacted 40 which was alright because we got rejected more than 100 times. After contacting almost the whole day at about 8 o’clock in the night we were pretty tired and I had to use the bathroom really bad. Let’s just say I had a close call that night but someone finally let us in and I was able to use the bathroom and teach the Gospel. 

Elder Walker