Monday, February 8, 2016

Teach and Preach and Work


Well this last week was pretty special. We had a great time planning a lot of meetings and preaching to a lot of people. As a trio, we do a lot of divisions, which means that we go to other sectors to help missionaries and serve them for a day and then return to our area. It’s easy for one of us to just leave, and I’ve already done a ton of divisions, which is great because I’ve been able to learn from the other missionaries. I think that it’s more fun to be in a trio because there’s never any silence, and we make a lot of jokes. My comps are awesome. To answer your question being in a trio isn’t too common. There are only like 4 or so trio companionships in the mission, and my companion, Elder Perugorria, is going home this Thursday. Then, it'll just be Elder Hunter and I. It’s a little hard to be with a missionary that’s ending...trunky. 

We had a great week in terms of teachings and I think that my favorite lesson was with Doris. She's a Peruana who has two adorable little daughters. We've been helping her a lot, and she has real desire to follow Jesus Christ and loves the church. However she has a little bit of fear to get baptized. After asking a lot of inspired questions, she finally opened up and said that she felt like she needed to forgive her sister. It surprised me to hear such a simple answer, and I didn't really understand at first, but she later said that she hadn't talked to her for 2 years. I felt the spirit so strong, and we ministered to her of the atonement of Jesus Christ and the power to heal us when we act. I know that when she acts, she’ll receive the answer that she needs. So pray for Doris, so that she can get baptized. 

Loving the mission,

Elder Walker