Monday, February 15, 2016

La Mision


This last week was interesting with my companion finishing the mission, getting a little stomach sick, almost getting punched by drunk guys, and teaching investigators. We’ve been teaching a lot of people here in the Victoria that have a wide ranch of problems. Our focus is simply and was recently taught by the first presidency to teach repentance and baptize converts so that’s what we’ve been doing. 

Doris, our progressing investigator, is doing great. We were a little discouraged when we had to change her baptismal date due to sickness, but we’re optimistic about this Saturday. It’s crazy howSatan just keeps trying to get his licking in, if not earlier then later. We had an interview planned for Thursday and talked on Tuesday to make sure that everything was all right. Then like I said she got sick and had to go to the hospital. The good news is that she’s doing better and we’re going to have the interview tomorrow and she’ll get baptized the 20th. So a lot of prayers por favor because she’s so great and needs to get baptized. It would help her so much.

I’m doing fine, and I love the members so don’t let this next story make you think otherwise. It’s just meant to be funny. On Thursday, I think it was, we ate lunch with an hermana. I don’t know very many people yet but the Sister was really nice and had an incredibly nice house. We got there really late because we didn't know how to get to her house (we are still learning our way around the area) and when we got there her boy was crying. He went on to cry for the next 30 minutes, but that’s not the point. After waiting for her to finish making lunch and almost leaving to go contact (because we only have 1 hour to eat), the lunch was finally served. It was a typical lunch of rice with meat and a whole bunch of salads, and it smelled great. We ate for about 5 minutes and all of the sudden one of the missioners looked at me with big eyes and then looked at the hermana and said, “Hermana are there maggots in the rice?” Needless to say the next day all 4 of us spent a considerable amount of time in the bathroom, which can be kind of complicated as a missionary in the streets. haha.

Elder Perugorria went home…finally. haha. No just kidding. I love that man a lot, but he was tired and had a girlfriend. I learned a lot from him and hope that everything goes well with his wedding and future family. Anyways now it’s just Elder Hunter and I. Two gringos walking the streets of the barrio La Victoria! haha. It’s great. 
That’s just about it for this week. Everything is awesome. I’m excited to be an uncle and can’t help but to say that Uncle Marcus has got a nice ring to it. 

Elder Walker