Monday, March 14, 2016

Hey Hey Hey


This last week was an interesting week of work and record breaking. We broke my personal record of lessons and new investigators found, and were able to bring some of those new investigators to church. We have been teaching a bunch of Haitians, and they are so receptive to the gospel. They almost always let you in to teach. Anyway, we are teaching a Haitian couple the man is named Philip, and he is so great. We found him last week, he speaks more Portuguese than Spanish so it was fun to speak in Portuguese to teach him. I don't speak perfectly, but it’s good enough to be understood. When they went to church on Sunday they loved it! It’s always a little nerve racking to bring an investigator to church for the first time, but it was a success. We got to watch a special Satellite transmission from Salt Lake for all of Chile. President Nelson directed the meeting. Elder Bradley looked at Philip and his wife when Elder Nelson went to talk and said this is an apostle of God...the spirit was so strong. 

We’re also teaching a sister called Ivonne and her sister Veronica. They’re amazing as well, and have listened to us for the past month. I love to teach them because they have a real desire to learn and to try. When we went to teach her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we asked her what she understood from the pamphlet that we left her to read. Her response was perfect. She said that baptism really called her attention, and that she felt the need to get baptized before it was too late to repent. We've been trying our best to turn that desire into faith. She worked a few Sundays, but we’re optimistic about the future and are confident that she’ll get baptized. 

Other than that I got a cold, but I’m getting better now, so no worries. I’m really enjoying being here with Elders Bradley and Hunter! It’s been really entertaining, and we spent most of the day teaching and laughing. It’s not always easy, but it is fun to be a missionary and a lot of that fun depends on how well you get along with you comps. In that respect, t I feel like I’ve been really blessed here on the mission. Thanks so much for all the support. Love you guys lots!

Elder Walker