Monday, March 7, 2016


Hi all,

Today we had changes, and out of no where we got a new companion!!! His name is Elder Bradley, and he's from Utah. He's a great friend who actually started the mission with me in Talagante. Elder Hunter and I are happy to be in a trio again and to be able to enter any house. It's also great because Elder Bradley speaks French, and in our sector there are a lot of Haitians. In Haiti they speak Creole, which is a French based language. Now we'll be able to communicate better with them. Many of them speak Creole and Portuguese, but not much Spanish.  I've been trying to learn a little Portuguese for a few transfers now. I'm going to try to learn a little French as well, so maybe I'll get back speaking Spanish, French and Portuguese.  haha. I love the mission. Things are great, and I've been learning a lot. Sorry don't have much time. Love you lots! 

Elder Walker