Monday, April 4, 2016

What a Week!


What a week in the mission! General Conference has been a time of hope and of spiritual rejuvenation when I so desperately needed it. General Conference has been so important to me in my mission. I remember when I first got to the mission field, and the mission really humbled me with the language difficulties, new culture, etc, and Conference was a spiritual lift to my troubled heart. General Conference has also served as landmarks to mark the progress and time in my mission. This last Conference was especially wonderful to me because it will be my last before returning home. There is nothing better than General Conference on the mission!!

     Some of the talks that I really enjoyed were the talk by Elder Renlund and the the last talk by Elder Holland. Elder Renlund talked a little bit about the entitlement that we sometimes feel as the distance increases between us and the giver. I was touch by the example that he used about the Sacrament that was given personally to a Sister that didn't receive it during Sacrament meeting. Individual, personal, just for me: we sometimes miss that aspect of the Atonement in the Sacrament meeting when were in a congregation of 200 people. It was a talk that helper me and was then followed by an amazing number by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir that really touched my heart. The words of Elder Renlund and of the Choir help me come to important conclusions about my 20 months of service; as the choir sang I felt the Spirt so strong that Saturday morning session. Then there’s the talk by Elder Holland! The stage was set so perfectly for him to be the last speaker. His motivation was and is us as latter-day members, and his love for us touched me and made me think that my motivation in my ministry in the mission are my investigators.

Veronica was baptized after the Sunday afternoon session, and it was such a spiritual experience. Her conversion was a miracle as she fought doubt and family members in order to get to the waters of baptism. Her conversions definitely shows to me that this is the true work, and it’s is directed by the Savior himself.

Thanks so much for everything. I love you all.

Elder Walker

PS. Daniel, who I taught in my last area, got baptised with his family last weekend!