Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast!


So things this week were awesome. We spent a lot of our time preparing for Thanksgiving!! But to back track a bit, President is always telling us to have Family Home Evenings and ward activities, so we’ve been preparing to have a día de acción de gracias mainly because there are 4 gringos/Americans in our ward. And we all love food! We couldn't do it in the church because there’s no kitchen so we all went to this Hermanas house in the other side of our ward. She has a huge house. So we got there and this is exactly what happened my comp left with Elder Warrick (our trainers) to make pies at their house and left Elder Brophy with me to make the green beans, two other pies, a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and some other vegetables. Now I understand why moms are so stressed when they cook. Wow! It was hard, but we made it! It was an awesome Thanksgiving we even played real football.

Other than that we got the news today that Plan Piloto is going to all of South America. I haven’t talked about Plan Piloto very much, but it’s a special plan to help the missionaries focus in three things reactivate, reatain, and baptise all the less active members. We use a book called El Rescate, it has all the jobs of all the ward members and their responsibilities to help you with the list of everyone in the ward. So you guys can understand in Stake Conference the other week, President said that only 13 percent of the member in our stake are active. Pretty shocking numbers.

Anyway, love you guys,

Elder Marcus Walker

Christmas it too close¡!¡! I’m really worried about the christmas call. There is too much pressure. When I think about it I just tear up.