Monday, December 1, 2014

Staying in Islita Again

So yeah, the week started of kinda crummy. We were coming back pretty late from an investigator’s house and like I've said already we live pretty far away from our area. So we started off on our adventure and like always were a little bit late so we had to ride really fast to arrive at the house on time. In the first fourth of the way my tire started going flat, so I started going really slow and my comp starts getting farther and farther away. But I just sucked it up. One of the mottos for the mission is “fix it," so I thought to myself no problem just work harder. Then my chain got stuck about half way there and my bike wont pedal. And at this point, I couldn't even see my comp he was so far ahead. I got off my bike and start running. My comp finally realized how far behind I was and stopped. I caught up to him, and we walked then my bike. But then chain got caught in the back wheel and wouldn’t even roll. So the last quarter of the way I put the bike on my back and walked. haha. we got back like 40 minutes late that day.

Elder Brown and I had a baptism last week. We baptised Kimberly Wondele Roncoglilo Fariz, and I gave her the gift of the holy ghost which was awesome and also why I know her complete name. Yeah, I was super nervous and my Spanish just left me, but I think it went all right. So yeah Elder Brown and I had changes, and I'm still here in La Islita de Maipu with an Elder Molina from Mexico that lived in the U S and can speak both Spanish and English, but Spanish is his first language, which is sweet. I hardly know him but yeah well have 6 weeks together because he leaves after this change. But yeah some letters would be awesome for Chistmas. I haven't gotten a real letter yet in my mission. I did get the Christmas package mom, which is sick, but I still do want a picture of the family and my calendar, if they’re not there. idk. But yeah elder Brown took that tie so ahh, haha, so if you want to send my new comp something. It’s up to you. Personally it cost way to much. Anyway, I love you guys. Im going to go talk to Prez to see if I can talk to Nick on Christmas, so tell Nick to do the same.