Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Anna!


Wow, you go to church from 5 to 8 my time. It would be pretty hard for us to call after church, so I think it would be better if I could call before your church. I would like to start studying college level text books in the only two things that I can study: Spanish and the Book of Mormon. So if you could send me those books when you have time or when you can that'd be awesome. Other that the normal stuff for a package would be great: ties and sweaters and such because its about to get really cold here. Well, I guess Boulder City got the message about eternal marrage!!! Lexi and Preston!?!? That is some crazy stuff. The world keeps spinning over there, I guess. 

Anna! Twelve years old!!! ¡¡Mi hermanita!! ¿Dejes de crecer ya? No me gusta eso. I can't bieleve it!! I sure that everyone in the family remembers whe you were born. I remember being in Challenger school and being picked up from school to go see you. Who can forget the 21 of Abril?? Expecially when weve celebrated you birthday 3 times that one year. haha. All right, so I've thought of a few things to say as you enter young women's this week!! Wow no lo puedo creer. Don't forget to pray. Ever. It's so important. I pray all the time: before lessons, during lessons, 2 times in the morning, in the night, and every time that I eat. We can pray and ask for help always in any moment. I was thinking about you in personal study the other day and found a scripture in Alma 39:10, so go read that--it's pretty awesome. I love how the scriptures just talk directly to us sometimes. Listen to your older brothers and sister. Life's rough sometimes but that's why God gave us the amazing gift of prayer to talk to Him and counsel with him in the good moments and in the bad moments. Love you so much!!!

Anyway so this week was pretty cool. We taught a ton of people had a few people swear at us, had some investigators at church, so a pretty great week as a missionary. Love the mission.  Sorry ran out of time. It's pretty dirty sometime here after the feria. haha. That's one random thing. They have huge ferias, like street fairs with venders and things, and that's where everyone buys their food. After the streets get really dirty. haha. Love this country.


Elder Walker
A baton for when the Chileanas come runnning. haha