Monday, April 13, 2015

Working as Missionaries Do

Hello again,

We split our Sector, and now I have a super different area to work in. I honestly have nothing to say this week. I studied pretty hard and worked pretty hard and slept even harder.

I'm with Elder Moesinger, who is just really awesome, and in fact he's teaching me how to smile more. He is just always smiling during the lessons and the contacts, and I love it. I find that he has so much faith. The thing that we've been working on is our teaching. He is quite new and for that it's been hard to have fluidity in the lessons so we've been studying really hard. It's pretty awesome because President just changed it so that we can study more, and I'm really excited. 

So the work has been pretty exciting finding new people and talking about the restored gospel. One thing was difficult about the week, well really just one day in particular, was that we had to say no to teaching three different investigators and menos activos because there were only women in the house. This is a common rule, and when you enter the house and realize that the person is alone and obviously doesn't care about the rule, it's a little hard to stand up and leave. But obedience, that's pretty much my life.

Chloe, you're going to be fine--there are a lot of fish in the sea. Actually, I feel sorry for him. Good luck finding anyone as good or better than you. That guy has just messed up his life! haha. I'm excited to see the house in 2 years!! Things look great, Mom.

Love ya'll,

Elder Walker