Monday, June 29, 2015

Chile vs. Peru


So tonight Peru squares off verses Chile in the American Cup, which is going to be crazy, because sometimes the Chileans are not so nice to the Peruvians. We have to go in early, but I thought it was funny because of Nick in Peru and all. This week was pretty amazing a pretty crazy. All of changes this week reminded me how fast everything can change in the mission. On Saturday night the call came, and to my surprise I had changes!! More than that the whole ward that I was in got whited washed (transferred in all new missionaries). They sent my to Olympo with Elder McDermott from St. George, Utah. My streak of all gringo companions remains!! This change I’m going to complete a year in the mission, which is crazy. 

I’m so excited to work in a new zone and have a new comp, changes happen so quick and fast but at the same time give new hope. My comp has about 6 months in the mission and seems awesome with a bunch of energy and enthusiasm. First thing he told me is that he is ready to work, which is going to be awesome. 

At the same time, it’s still hard. I worked for almost 5 months in Lo Errazuriz, and it was far from easy, but in the end we did some good.  We left with several investigators with baptismal dates. The ward was also more excited about missionary work. However, It has definitely been a humbling experience for me to have these changes. We planted a bunch of seeds, but will not reap them. We worked soo hard (I mean really hard), and we finally had our first success with a family and others committed to baptism, and we were transferred. That’s hard.... Thank you so much for the prayers, that family is amazing. Don’t stop. They went to church and loved it and are planning to get baptized soon. There’s a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that says that the power of God is His honor (D&C 29:36.) That’s what Lucifer wanted to do: steal the power of God and give himself the honor. I learned an important lesson about humility and how we as missionaries and as people must look to honor God to receive his power. This is HIS work and HIS glory not of Elder so, and so I want the people here to remember that I was a representative of Christ, I want then to remember the love and Spirit that they felt...before they remember my name. 

Just pray for my family that their hears will be ready and that the ward and new missionaries will take good care of them.

I met Elder Lopez! It was pretty crazy.   I went on divisions because my District Leader got sick and they had a really important lesson. So I went over to his sector and they just so happened to have a member missionary for that lesson and the member was Elder Lopez (Nick’s old companion), and it was so sick to meet someone who knows my brother! I got to teach with him and everything! I'm glad I got to meet him before the transfer. That is a blessing.

Love you guys so much!! Working with all my heart and soul.


Elder Walker
Me with Nick's old companion, Elder Lopez