Monday, June 22, 2015

Great Week!


So I just got done reading everybody’s letters, and I’m so grateful to have to many people that I love and love me. However, it makes it kind of hard in moments like this, hearing about Braize and Chris coming home (soon Kaleb, Tanner, Chad, Nate, Joe will be home) without feeling a bit nostalgic. Farewells, homecomings, and wedding all have me a little homesick. Think of how I’d be if Camron or Chloe got married. I miss everyone so much, but life goes on and my week of working will soon begin. 

This week was quite special. The first accomplishment, and perhaps the most important, happened Friday night. Chile was playing again, so we had to go home early and we called to order a pizza to pick up. (Like I’ve mentioned before we’re well esteemed clients). So we showed up and the owner gave us 500 pesos off on the pizza. It was a pretty special moment. Haha.

No, really the most awesome thing that happened is we found a really great family this last week! They’re the familia Cortes, and wow are they great! We taught them 2 times last week, but in the second lesson we showed up and they had read everything. Even better, they understood it, and wanted to hear more. Anyways they’re super special, and I’m honestly expecting a miracle with them. We really need the prayers of everyone. Other than that we’ve been teaching Fernando a young kid from Peru. He’s great and has gone to church 3 times already, but doesn’t have any real support from his family. We’re doing our best to help integrate him in the ward so he can get baptized, but more than that so he can stay in the church after. He’s awesome though. One thing is clear; however, it’s the divine assistance that’s they key for these people that we teach. This is God’s work and I just want to be his instrument. I KNOW I can do nothing with out divine assistance. 

Today was pretty awesome we went to some hill overlooking Santiago. Now that doesn’t make it sound so cool, but ill send some pictures because it was pretty breathtaking.

Love ya'll,

Elder Walker

PS. This is my comps and my last week together so we bought matching sweaters. Haha. I don't think I'm getting transferred, but just in case we took a lot of pictures this week :)