Monday, May 30, 2016

Big Changes: Back to Olimpo!!


It's been a pretty exciting day. President decided to do a lot of changes in preparation for large group of missionaries leaving, himself included. Basically what happened is that he doesn't want the mission to have to change the whole leadership when he leaves because 15 other zone leaders go home with him, so he split up all the zone leader from my group and moved a bunch of them as assistants. (I guess there's a lot to do in the office for the next 4 weeks.) Probably doesn't sound too interesting for you guys, but for me and for all of us missionaries here, it's pretty crazy. 

Anyways I had changes. I totally didn't expect it because I only have 4 weeks left and for me it didn't make much sense to change sectors for only 4 weeks, but in the end President receives the revelation. The best part is that I got moved back to my old zone, Olimpo, back to where I was 5 months ago and by far my favorite zone! It was to great to go back. It's kind of a bummer at the same time because I left some seeds in Ochagavia, but I'm excited to be where I am. Elder Hunter, my old comp, was a good friend as well so it was rough to say goodbye to one of my best friends in the mission. We spent a whole 3 changes together, or almost 5 months, so he was my comp that I got to know best. He is my friend for life. He went to the office to be an assistant, which was great news as well! I kind of knew something was up with the mission when last week President randomly showed up to at our place to interview us. It was a little weird, but it makes sense now. However, it made me so nervous at the time. 

Bummer that Nick has to go home on his arranged day it would have been a dream come true to meet up in Atlanta, but in the end rules are rules and if there's one thing I've leaned in the mission its to just accept things like that and follow the rules. 

I've got a lot more to do though, and I can't wait to get back to work. This is one of my favorite places here in Maipu and it's so nice to be back. I feel like I came back home. haha. I've already seen some people that I know and its going to be great. It's going to be a great month in June, and I can't wait to see what miracles the Lord has for me here. I'm with Elder Westwood (from Utah) and Elder Olivera (from Brazil), and they're pretty exceptional missionaries. Thanks for everything. 


Elder Walker