Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 2 in Islita


My computer doesn’t have a usb jack so no pictures again. Sorry. Stuff is pretty much the same. I struggle pretty badly in lessons and with understanding. Mom, I put the quote by Gordon B. Hinckley about optimism on my desk at home. I know I can do it, and I know that God with Bless me with the gift of tongues. I just have to learn some things first. I don’t talk very much. I know that I’m not that outgoing, but I’m not silent at the same time. In the mission, I just don’t know what or how to say what I'm thinking. Ahhh… I want to talk! I just want to! Oh well.

This week is kind of of like the fourth of July for Chile except in Chile it lasts the whole week: empanadas like crazy, tons of Chileans flying kites, Chilean flags everywhere. They have a national dance and parade. It really is a great time to be in Chile. The members are awesome, and we eat so much and every meal. Whenever my plate is empty all I hear is serve yourself more, Elder. The food is good and I hope I can gain some weight. (But not too much.) Another thing everyone here has a dog at least one huge one or about 5 little ones. 

Elder Brown has been out for about 18 months or something and is awesome. We work in an area called Islita, but live in a place called Villa Nevada (kind of ironic and makes me think of home). So where we like is about 2 miles away from where we work, which means we are a biking area!!! We bike a lot and our area is huge. We have like 70 active members and a ton of inactive. That’s kind of of the problem in Chile, inactivity. We have two baptisms this week, and Conference the next so I’m super excited for that. 

I thought I was independent and strong, but the mission has humbled me. I didn’t realize how great my life was until I left it and saw the problems that people had down here. One interesting thing is that I’ve taught the law of Chastity casi 5 times this week. No lie. Way more than the restoration, which is really weird I know. The last time we taught it to a couple that aren’t married and have a child. Yeah, I felt a little unprepared for that.

Love you lots. The Spanish will come. 

Love you guys,

Elder Walker