Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last Week in the CCM


I just read Nicholas’s email, and wow his area, that’s crazy!! How lucky is he!!! I’m praying that I get an awesome training companion as well. While he’s up there in the freezing cold of the Andes mountains I’m down here chillin’ in Chile where it pretty much feels like America, it’s so nice. In the field my mission has a lot of diversity. In one area you could be in the slums or ghetto, in a country area, or in another you could be on in a crazy nice area. Anyways in terms of living conditions, I’m really lucky. 

Last Sunday was the last opportunity anyone leaving in a week to speak in church. The CCM President, like other places I know, calls people randomly to speak at church, and with fast Sunday next week the odds were with me that I wouldn’t have to speak. So after my companion and I passed the sacrament, the zone leader stood up and called my companion’s name and then my name. It was really surprising because the president hasn’t called a companionship at the same time ever. So we walked back to get our stuff and gave our talks. We had both prepared talks on the Holy Ghost. My main focus was on the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion and how an investigator needs personal revelation in order to obtain conversion. I had a lot of quotes and then talked about the blessings of the Holy Ghost D&C 84 or 85, I think. D&C is super awesome, by the way, because it is is all about missionaries. It was hard, my Spanish pronunciation stinks, and I have no idea how good I did because everyone lies no matter how bad you are, but I’m learning how to fail. It definitely brought Elder Brush and I together more. 

Elder Brush is such an awesome guy, and we get along so great. In lessons and stuff we are really good at just having a natural conversation with someone. Like mee was in student council and soccer in high school, so we just click really well. We do all right giving lessons, but its still hard to speak and we struggle with being excited in the lesson. It’s good though because when you don’t have very many words you can’t describe something in a complicated way. The language barrier forces us to teach in a simple way, which is good because that is how we should teach.

I can’t wait to go into the field and meet my new companion. I have a question for Chloe. Am I ever going to catch up on my sleep? In the mission do you ever wake up and feel like you actually slept?? 

Love You!! 

Elder Walker

Elder Williams (or Westpoint as we like to call him) Awesome guy.
Elder Brush and I