Monday, September 29, 2014

Life in the Field


Life is pretty tranquilo here, and I'm starting to get better. It’s cold in the mornings and hot in the days. Last week We had a huge festival with all the ramas in our area. There was food and games and futbol, and it was pretty great to relax for a day.There was so much carne and empanadas. The missionaries were all there, and we played some games in front of everyone. Then we watched some Chilean dances which are pretty weird.  President and Hermana Barreiros came and it was nice to talk to them for a little bit again. Other than that my week was pretty normal for a missionary. I’ve had a lot a divisions because my companion is the district leader. This week I'm going to have two divisions. One with a Greenie like me Elder Brophy and another with the Zone leader so that’s exciting. 

My Spanish is coming slowly, but I know it’s coming. I can now recognize the Chilean accent and the fact that my accent is awful. The challenge is that Chileans don't speak Spanish the way I’ve ever heard it. They talk fast and use a whole bunch of I’s where the S’s should be. I can understand more now though, not that I know more Spanish, but I can understand from a word pretty much what there talking about. My companion speaks really good Spanish so that’s nice, and I can understand almost everything that he says. I’m starting to figure out what's going on which is nice. 

Here are the answers to all of your questions. We play a lot of soccer no basketball. My area is in the country with huge fields of vines. I think grapes for wine not really sure. But we work in an area with a whole bunch of houses that all look alike. Sort of like a subdivision.The members feed us every day almuerzo and we have soup and pollo and turkey and papas and salsa and siempre pan. Somethings thats kind of interesting is that after you done eating you're supposed to clean your plate with a piece of bread. My companion’s name is Jeff Brown, and he’s from Ogden. We had about 70 people in our ward last week, which was really good. We will go to Maipu to watch Conference with all the missionaries in a chapel.We do laundry in a washing machine in our house and air dry on a line. For exercise we usually do p90x or just push ups and stretching if i don't want to join my companion. For breakfast we just eat cereal normally, and we don't really eat dinner because they don't have it here. We have once which is just bread and cheese and some meat with some mormon cafe. (Don’t really know what mormon cafe is.) Or just bread and mormon cafe. I'd say we ride at least 10 miles a day, but my legs are strong now so it's not bad. I like biking more than walking.

I still feel like the sons of Lehi when they were charged with the difficult task of retrieving the plates. I feel like I'm in kind of in the same situation as them. I don’t really know exactly what to say or do, but I'm trying to be lead by the spirit like Nefi describes in 4:6. The task is hard but God "can only guide our foot steps when we move our feet.” I feel like my shoes have sand in them sometimes, but God will provide a way.

Love you!

Elder Walker
Another photo of me with President and Hermana Barreiros.
This is at the actividad.
​Here is the family. Elder Brown was the trainor of Elder Goats and Elder Goats was the trainor of Elder Paternaria/Uraguay. So this is me with my Dad, Brother, and Nephew.
Sack race at the festival.

One Elder eating dust.