Monday, February 9, 2015



Hahahahah. Thanks Mom I am clutch in the fourth quarter, and I plan on working really hard my last two weeks in La Islita. I don’t have much time but lets just say that more rules changed this week. President talked to the zone leaders and changed more rules for the missionaries mainly having to do with bedtime, cleaning the pension, the way we update the area book and things like that. It’s going to be hard, but I'm ready. As for the realignment of the wards, it stinks, but you have to trust in God first and then in his priesthood leaders. Going to the right ward makes a lot of difference. 

I got sick for the first time really bad. Well not really that bad compared to Nic, I just ate something bad and had the worst stomach pain of my life then threw up and was fine. Wow Anna thats crazy!! But homeschool’s awesome. Keep an eye on Deany boy for me. Things are good here and working hard with Elder Nash. We did some plumbing today and took out a whole bunch of hair out of the drain which made me think of Chloe’s shower. haha. I have no time sorry love you all!!

Elder Walker

PS Happy Birthday to my Grandma Sue! I love you more!