Monday, February 16, 2015

Pretty Groovy Week


So, this last week was pretty groovy, as Cam would say. We’re working really hard, Elder Nash and I. We’ve found some families that are really awesome, but w’ed like it if more people went to church. But wouldn't we all? We found a family that’s super humble and they honestly seem mormon—just the way the mom treats her daughter and the way the dad works. Their names are Luz, José, and Francisca, wow are they amazing! I have so much hope for them. After the first lesson, Francisca already knew about Moroni, Mormon, José Smith they’re so great. I hope they get baptized. 

We had a meeting with the mission and Elder Gonzales from the 70. He talked about the Book of Mormon and how to contact people. He emphasized that first we have to establish common ground, testify about the BoM, and commit them to read it. It was pretty cool because he could do that for literally any question. For example, if asked, "Do you believe in the Virgin?”   He answered, ”We know that Maria was the mother of Christ, and WE TOO believe that she was a very important and chosen vessel of God. In fact I was reading a book this morning that talks a little bit about Maria and Christ..." Anyway, I loved this idea and am going to practice.

On a more random note we found an Australian man here in Chile living in la Islita, and he has 25 dogs. I have no idea what the heck he’s doing in Chile with so many dogs, but he’s cool. 

Peace out! Probably going to be in a different area next week!!

Elder Walker

Here are a few of his 25 dogs.

Ohh yeah, and I bought some Mate!