Monday, February 2, 2015

Great week!


Well, this last week was an adventure. Elder Nash and I are working hard. In fact I haven’t said much about my comp for New York yet. He's 19 and has about a year in the mission. He lives in a small city in New York next to Canada and to pay for his mission he actually worked in Canada. So thats cool. He also plays at as a professional Yugio player. Like in tournaments and stuff. He actually used that as a way to pay for his mission as well. He knows everything about Star Wars. He comes from from a family of 15 including all of his step brothers and sisters. But most importantly he works hard and tries to be obedient. And what I love is his attitude I'm trying to learn how to be happy like him. He reminds me of Sister Honey or something--super enthusiastic and happy. 

The mission is changing a lot right now. It's already changed a ton since I arrived. The missionaries before in the words of Presidente, "Mis misioneros son puros, puros trechos," which means my missionaries are pure pure crooked—stretching the rules to the limit. So yeah, we had a meeting today as a mission and implemented some new rules. For example we can't chat anymore with anyone during internet (sorry Mom), we can’t communicate with anyone in the mission boundaries unless president himself reads the letter, and we can’t enter the gate of a house of a women when she’s alone. That and a lot more about the fruits of our labors. He said we haven't had very many baptisms, and it’s because we’ve been disobedient as a mission. I’m kind of glad for the clarification on the rules. You know me. haha.

Apart form that, everything’s chill. I’m happy working hard and love my leaders. Thanks for all the emails and support. Here’s some photos of my birthday for you, Mom. haha.

Elder Walker