Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Unexpected Challenges

Hi all,

Thanks so much Dad. You're so right these next 6 months are huge, and  I am experienced and the most important part is to enjoy it. Mom what more can I say than Motherhood. Wow Elder Hollands talk was just incredible! It tore me apart a little bit as my thoughts turned to you.

This last week as full of unexpectied turns and drops as we preached the gospel. My companion, Elder Ruiz, will most likely have to return home in the next week or so. He has been diagnosed with a torn meniscus, and it's recommended that he go home for the recuperation. He has been fighting tough pains in his knee from day one. He is one of the most dedacted missionaries I've met and has such a desire to preach. It was a difficult moment to have to translate that message to an excited 18 year old that the English only speaking doctor says he has to go home. It really made me think about my own desires to be here and what a blessing it is. That and a million other things have really kept me worried this week. And that's why I think the first talk by Elder Uctdorf about simplifing my life to enjoy the gospel and enjoy this life really caught my attention this week. It's sad but sometimes we deprive ourselves of the joy we deserve because of the superfical things that happen. I loved this week and can't wait to send you some pictures next week si o si.

Elder Walker