Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week of Surprises

Dear Reader,

I had a very eventful week one that was full of unforgettable experiences. Duilio decided to get baptized. This probably had to be the biggest of most eternally important news of the week. He is an incredible man that had so much desire to get baptized. His life wasn't in a good place and the Gospel has really given him a chance to experience a happier life. His conversion is living proof to me of the validity of the church. Something that was fake and made up, or simply a guideline to a better life, could not cause such an influential change in the life of another person. Only God can do that. 

More than that I had a welcome surprise when I was sitting waiting for my Gospel Principles Class to start. A member came in and said that someone was looking for me, and my first thought was YES an investigator. I then left the room and came out to see a young woman in her twenties, and thought well I have no idea who this is. She then explained to me that she was a friend of my sister, and I realized it was Tammy. She is an angel just like you told me, Chloe, and it was a very pleasant experience talking with her about my family who she was with just 5 day or so ago. I was glad to hear from the family and to learn that you still haven't forgotten me. It was clear to me; however, that she came with a message from my Mom that I had to write better letters. She said it in the nicest way giving me a bunch of ideas of how to write, but the message was loud and clear. Then she told my comp to listen to me and follow my counsel that I give him. After that I sent Michele a little video telling her not to prepare the getting home party yet because I still have a lot of time.

Now for “How I took the big news.” So Chloe's going to get married. The first thing I asked Tammy or the first thing I remember asking is who? Joe? Did they even date for a week? Wow! When I got home that night, because in the day I was focused and didn't really have time to think, I was a little nostalgic. I couldn't help but to think that I’m going to miss one of the most important events if not THE most important event of my sister’s life. I’ve been to her dance recitals and pageants but those seems to be worth very little when compared to the eternal marriage. Then, I opened my package and read a letter from Chloe that said she was going to get married on the 19th of December. Two weeks ago for me in my little world she wasn't even dating, and now she's engaged and going to get married in 3 months well less than that really. I didn't sleep well that night. Anyways I hope my Skype call doesn't get in the way of her honeymoon. Haha. However, I am super excited to be related to Sam. Haha. Well congrats you two. Joe it’s good to have you in the family. We’ll have to go golfing someday with my Dad so I can get to know you. 

Right now I’m in a trio because my comp goes home on Friday, and another Elder in my District had emergency changes today. The mission is sometimes full of difficult challenges and it’s a humbling experience to see people leave so fast. It is really sad to see my companion go home for knee surgery. It was just a few weeks ago that I met him and started his training. He was so full of hope and enthusiasm. So this is really hard for him. I’m working hard here every day.

These last few weeks have been hard. My District has been having a hard time. I know that my role as a district leader is somewhat minimal, but still it's been difficult. In addition to my awesome companion having to go home for knee surgery, many in my district are not only having a hard time with the work, but also with serious personal challenges. I’m  trying to learn how to lead and how to help people with compassion, and I want to do the best I can. I haven't been sleeping very well lately because of the worry. I'm fine, but it's been really hard to deal with so much. Thanks so much for your support.

I love you all,

Elder Walker