Monday, January 25, 2016

Hola from Ochagavia

So I got changed!!! Right now I'm in Ochagavia, which is a little bit more towards the center of Santigao. It is one of the more humble parts of the mission, and it's going to be a great experience for me. I've been here all of 30 minutes so I'll tell you more about it next week. I think that I could end my mission here, and I just have so much faith that there are people that are waiting for me. Here in this sector I have to find them and baptise them. On another note I've trained for 18 months of the mission finding, teaching, baptizing, and now I have the chance to teach others how to do it while being the example. I pray for the faith to fufill my calling. It's kind of overwhelming. I didn't really understand the power and imoprtance of my calling at first but now i konw.

After 7 and a half months in Las Naciones, I was finally transferred. The last few weeks in Las Naciones were such a miracle. We has 6 investigators at church and 4 of them have baptismal dates for February Sofia, Daniel, Paloma and Nayomi. They are special people for me and all of them are teenagers. I feel like I was blessed a ton in my last sector and hope to be able to participate in the baptismal service that they'll have. Thanks so much for the support and love.

Elder Walker