Monday, March 9, 2015

City Life


My week: we do walk a lot, and we have a pretty big sector here in the City with just tons and tons of people. I love it. We spend the average day walking around our area in the burning hot sun looking for people to teach and contacting because we don't have very many investigators right now. We do use the metro a lot because we go into Santiago all the time. So I'm pretty fluent in using the metro (train), which is so much better than the buses. 

The funniest part of the week was also the best part of the week. So we had a baptism of this little girl whose family was less active. She’s 11 years old so I cant help but to think of my little sister when I talk to her. The baptism was on Sunday and our mission leader totally went M I A for church, and he usually plans the program and everything. So in church the Second counselor is like hey is the baptismal font full? So we had to go turn in on because they told me it takes a long time to fill. So we finished sacrament meeting and moved on to the program for the baptism after everyone leaves. After a song, a prayer, and a talk, we went to perform the ordinance, but as we walk out, we can see water coming out of the baptismal font somehow. The water filled up so fast that it overflowed. haha. So we got a little more water then we wanted, but Kiara got baptised and it was awesome. 

Also funny, my comp has fungus that’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen. It SMELLS soo bad when he takes off his shoes at night. Like wow! Poor guy, but wow! Pray for the medicine to work and his feet to heal, because he is really miserable.

So right now I feel pretty good, but I'm looking for someone that I just haven’t found yet. I feel like there is something really important for me to do here. Someone really important for me to find. I knew that when president told me this is where I was going. I felt it. I know there's somebody out there I just need more faith, to work harder be more obedient, to be more consecrated. I’m studying unity right now because our ward has a lot of problems with the missionaries. So anything on that topic would be awesome Mom. Unity and communication, I want to understand those to principles better. 

Love you all so much,

Elder Walker

Happy Birthday Grandma Leslie! Love you!

PS. Any ideas on how to bond with the members to get them to trust us and become unified with us in the work. The ward members don't seem to really like the missionaries much here.