Monday, March 16, 2015



Well, this week was a little interesting. From putting my hand in a toilet, teaching a lot of new investigators, to giving a talk in sacrament meeting. The mission never gives you the same day twice. It’s a paradox because we live the same day over and over, doing the same things, I could tell you what I'm going to be doing for the next 16 months, but at the same time is so different and entertaining. 

So first of all the Brazilian that lives with us just so happened to clog the toilet. Pretty awful! He has been having a lot of problems because of his stomach so I understood, but still asked him however how it happened. And he told me that he dropped the whole toilet paper roll in the toilet and was too lazy to take it out….Anyways, then he decided to flush try and flush it down. When I asked him how he even dropped the roll of toilet paper in the toilet, we figured out that he cleans himself a little differently than normal people. I’ll just leave that to your imaginations. The unofficial mission motto is “Fix It!” So in the end I put my hand in disgusting water to try and fish it out but it was stuck somewhere inside. We tried everything, but nothing worked. We still don’t have a toilet. Don't worry though.

After that I gave a talk in church that was pretty cool. Hard, but I wasn’t really nervous in the end just because that’s all we do as missionaries is talk. I also confirmed Kira a newly baptized member, which was pretty special. I loved it. After all that the Familia Lopez came to my ward just to find me! I sent you a picture of them. It’s been so gratifying this past week to talk to everyone about Nick. Crazy that everyone seems to know from the Lopez family that my twin brother is their son’s companion in Peru. There were a whole bunch of people that asked me if I have a twin. And it's ironic that I would love to hear that question so much. Me, who always hated that question. But is was really fun to say yes, I have a twin brother! haha. So yeah. It was great way to get to know the members better and for them to get to know me. Got to go.


Elder Walker
Fix it!
Me with Nick's companion's family!