Monday, March 23, 2015

The Saga of the Broken Toilet Continues


So this last week has been pretty chill. There weren't very many people in their houses, so we sent most of the week walking around in the blazin heat of Chile. The best part about the heat has to be the crazy awesome sweat lines that you get from your backpack. We arrived at everyone’s house just dying, begging for water. Chileans are super nice though and have no problem with giving a stranger a glass of water. 

Anyways, update on the toilet. So I've kind of slipped into a dark age in my mission when it comes to the pension that we have. This last week has been tough because the toilet still doesn't work. Please don't ask me what we do when we have to go because its pretty awful. We've talked to a lot of people about it but nothings happened. It’s one of those awful things that in a few months I'm sure I’ll laugh at, but for now is just gross. So thats one more thing to be grateful for...a functioning bathroom.

Other than that it was a really awesome week. We have a pretty great investigator that told us that she knows that she needs to get baptized. Here names Alejandra and she's about 40 and loves the things that we've taught her. The problem is that she smokes so she already said that she feels bad about that and she want to quit, but she doesn't know if she can. It’s funny because we haven't even taught the word of wisdom yet, but her doubts got me thinking. It’s so important that the investigators have help in their conversion because we can do all that we do as missionaries, they can know that these things are true, but they a social conversion in the church just as much as a doctrinal conversion. What I mean by that is we can help them understand the Doctrine of Christ, how it really is, and they can believe it, and that doctrinal conversion is amazing. We all need it, but with that they have to change a lot of things in their lives sometimes their friends, their habits, their Sundays, and a million other things to experience to truly be converted. And that’s why we need member help. Really for both parts.

I’m loving life here in Chile!! Looking forward to Conference and all!! I saw a NCAA bracket today, and it was super interesting how crazy it is that I know nothing about something I used to care so much about!! Shout out to my two favorite sisters, Chloe and Anna! I would love to hear from them!! 

Love you all,

Elder Walker

Lookin' swag--like Hello Kitty. Why? I have no idea! haha.