Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Aftershocks and Fiestas

Hi all, 

So sorry for not sending pictures for like the last month. I lost my little pen drive to send pictures, so I'm going to have to buy another one to send some pictures. I've been taking a lot with Elder Ewell. 

This last week was amazing. We had a fat earthquake, las fiestas patrias (the independence day of Chile that is more like a week celebration, not a day), and some great missonary experiences. 

To be honest there have been a few more earthquakes, aftershocks, that have been pretty big, but I guess thats what you get for living on a huge fault. The biggest one was a 8.4, and it destroyed a lot of things north from us and on the coast because of the Tsunami that they had. I feel that much more Chilean having experienced an earthquake. 

The independece day celebration that they have is crazy. On the 19 of September they celebrate and show their Chilean pride. It's such a fun experience to feel and be apart of another culture. They had traditional food and dances with a whole bunch of games. It's hard to explain everything, but let's just say that they make a lot of meat...like a lot. I think I broke the Word of Wisdom for eating so much meat.

The missionary work was pretty rough to be honest during that time, but haha we enjoyed it a ton. 

Elder Ewell and I have had some sucess and really seen a change in our sector these last few weeks. Juan and Patricia are progressing great and are set for the 10 of October to get baptized, and I just want you guys to keep praying and putting there names in the temple so that they can make the date. Juan went to church for the first time last week and he's doing great looking for his anwser about the Book of Mormon. Last week President wrote me something that really struck me. In response to one of my questions, he told me that the investigators have to feel something to have the desire go to church. They're not just going to appear from nowhere or show up because we invite them. I love President so much, and know that he's called from God. 

This will be my last day with Elder Ewell tomorrow. He's going to leave the sector after only one transfer here, and I'm going to receive a new missionary to train. I'm super excited.

Lots of love, 

Elder Walker

PS. One more random, cool thing a bank just got robbed across from where we're at right now.