Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Prayers are Working!

Hi all,

Please keep praying!!

Anyways,  just want to say that we have the best investigatores. Here is a little bit about them.

So first of all Juan Pablo, who is a body builder and is just a huge guy. He lives with a less active family. He's a baller and super spiritual, like more than I am and I'm a missionary  He speaks great English, and he and my comp just turn in to little girls after the lessons talking about famous body builder. It's pretty funny to watch, and for sure no accident that Elder Ewell, a body builder was transferred her just in time to teach him. He's going to get baptized, and I love him and know that he's going to get baptized despite some personal struggles. He has to be one of the most generous people I know and likes to buy us food. I love that big guy so much.

After that there're Juan and Patricia, and they are the best investigators ever! They have a son in law that is a returned missionary, so when we met them (from contacting) they already knew everything.  They have a goal to go to the temple already and want to be there for when their daughter Catarina gets sealed to her husband. It's an interseting situation because she isn't baptized either, and it seems like she's just waiting for her family to get baptised so that they can all to it together. They went to church last week so the prayers are working!!

I'm out of time, but everything's great. We have changes this week so well see what happens.  I feel like I'm going to stay, but we shall see. 

Love you,

Elder Walker