Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trusting God


Send me more pictures of you and dad, Mom. I haven't seen that old guy in forever. haha. You send pictures of everyone but you and Dad. Likewise I know I need to send you some pics, but I forgot my camera. Sorry.

Anyways, this week has been super great! I love the mission and the people. We have two main families that we're working with: the Familia Arenas and the Familia Monriquez. The first is a familiy of 6 the parents Juan and Patricia then their two kids Catharine and Patricio and the spouses Gonzalo and Maria. They're all super great and Gonzalo, as I've mentioned before, is a returned missionary who went to Argentina. They are honestly so prepared, and it's just amazing to see the way God prepares people for us. We're mainly focusing on Juan and Patricia right now so that they get baptized in Sptember. They're so ready because they want to get sealed in the temple already. Then, the Familia Monriquez is a famliy of 4 and they're so amazing and went to a ward activity the other day. All 5 of them in total want to get baptized the bigest challenge we're facing is the attendance to church. It's been super dificlut for them to got to church with work and soccer. 

One thing I've learned is we just have to put our faith in God like the Nephite soldiers in Alma 58 when they were without supplies and troops and super dissapointed in the government. At that time they turned to God and prayed for strength. I feel a little like that because we've done so much and worked so hard and the people are so great, but they haven't gone to church. Elder Ewell and I are putting our trust in God, trying to give a pure testimony, and offering direct invitations. We need help this week for them. Anyways, we're doing really, and well thanks so much for everything. 

Ya, and thanks Mom for the reminder to brush and floss more. Haha!

Love you all,

Elder Walker