Thursday, September 17, 2015



So yesterday night, I don't know if you guys saw, there was a huge earthquake in Chile. On the Rictor Scale they're saying that it was an 8.2. Elder Ewell and I were walking in the street when all of the sudden a man walked out of his house and said, "We're having an earthquake," so we stopped and started looking around. It was one of the craziest feelings of my life. The ground just started to move like waves and people started screaming in their houses. It was super long as well and lasted about 2 minutes. Luckily, Chile is prepared for earthquakes and a 8.2 didnt really affect anything. The only scary part was the Tsunami warning afterward because all the missionaries on the coast were evacuated. Right now everything's fine and President told us to write our families to tell them that we're all right. Pretty crazy stuff! Love you lots talk to you guys on Tuesday.

Elder Walker

PS Go look a video if you can. It was actually pretty cool.