Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It Was Good to See You


So the week ended just peachy. There really isn't much to say after talking. It was good to see you all. Sunday was great, and Duilio a recent convert received the priesthood  Yesterday, we had divisions with the some elders from the quorum who are preparing for the mission. It's fun to be with the young elders and help them with their preparation. They remind me of me. Wow, am I glad that I decided right away to go on the mission because after it's a lot harder to make the decision.

One thing I noticed in the skype call was that Anna is looking so old. I couldn't believe it. Other than that I think everything has already been said. On Saturday I ran out of things to say, and right now I don't have much else except to say enjoy the New Year's celebrations.

Elder Walker

PS. Here's a picture of Jorge one of our fechas